Healthy Harrisburg

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Funded by the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation, Healthy Harrisburg is a partnership between UPMC in Central Pa., certified fitness instructors, regional organizations and businesses, and health experts across the UPMC in Central Pa system. The aim of Healthy Harrisburg is to enable the health system to help the underserved, uninsured population.

Residents in the City of Harrisburg and the surrounding community face significant barriers to accessing care as a result of being uninsured or underinsured. This specific social determinant of health is one area we need to address to ensure the overall well-being of our community at large. With 28 percent or higher of residents categorized as obese, its far-reaching effects on overall health increase the likelihood of being afflicted with chronic diseases, as well as making management of chronic diseases more difficult.

“Our Healthy Harrisburg initiative is specifically designed to engage, connect, and support individuals who are ready to take the steps necessary to better manage diabetes, hypertension, and obesity,” said Carlos Cream, MD, internal medicine, UPMC in Central Pa. “It’s equally important for UPMC to create creative ways to help connect and engage our community in healthier choices by removing the barriers that tend to plague the inner city and communities of color.”

Join us for the Healthy Harrisburg Juneteenth Kickoff Event on June 17, 2023.

June 17, 2023 at 9 am, Soldier's Grove, Harrisburg, PA

  • DJ, Prizes, Giveaways, Vendors
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Line Dancing
  • Xtreme Hip Hop
  • African Dance


"Black and brown women have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. Healthy Harrisburg envisions a healthier future for women of color. Where they make empowered choices that lead to healthier lifestyles."
— Kristal Turner-Childs, Fempowered LLC & Healthy Harrisburg Program Ambassador