Dr. Gene & Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund

The Dr. Gene and Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund aims to assist with costs for genetic counseling, testing, education, & other preventative and early intervention treatments for cancer care.

Did You Know?

  • The average cost for a genetic counseling session is $325, the typical patient will utilize counseling services between 2-4 times. Bringing the total cost to roughly $1300 per patient.
  • While genetic testing is a tool to gain information, genetic counseling is a process that helps interpret the data and place it in a personal context. Genetic counseling after testing can help a patient better understand their test results and treatment options.
  • Many insurances cover genetic testing, but not counseling services. Making cost an immense barrier when juggling other high costs related to cancer care.
  • In order for patients and family members to qualify for testing covered by insurance, they must meet certain criteria. If they are unable to meet the qualifications, it can prove an impediment to moving forward. Limiting the ability for early intervention and even prevention.

"Patients and their family members can have a better understanding of their cancer risks as well as the various steps they can take to help reduce these risks. Additionally, some of these patients have also been able to tailor their cancer treatments due to medications that are now available to them based on their gene mutation."
— Meagan Smith, Licensed Genetic Counselor, Genetic Counseling Program Manager
"If it weren't for my sister, Dr. Lee, and the genetics team, I would not be here today."
— Shelley Pinckney, Breast Cancer Survivor