Monthly Giving

Want to maximize the impact of your donation?

Consider enrolling in our monthly giving program!

If we have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that the unexpected can happen at any time, and that we need to be ready. Your loyal support sustains us even through difficult times and ensures that we can continue to deliver life-changing care, no matter what.

Your gift will be one that our patients and community can count on. Sign up for monthly giving today and see the impact your generosity has throughout the year.


Monthly Giving Is:

  • Convenient: Pick an affordable amount each month that fits in with your budget and know your gifts are scheduled at the same time every month.
  • Flexible: You can alter or stop monthly donations at any time to fit your needs.
  • A win-win: By providing stable, regular funding to the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation, you allow us to better plan for expanded and improved health care for our community.

Every monthly gift makes an incredible impact! As one of our most loyal donors, your gift allows us to do amazing things for our patients and our community.