UPMC Pinnacle Foundation awards $124,000 in Scholarships

April 13, 2021

It is a privilege to pay it forward to employees and other individuals who are studying to enter the clinical field or further their clinical education.

The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation is pleased to announce that we awarded $124,000 in scholarship funds in Fall 2020 to 25 deserving individuals, listed below.

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients:

Amy Abrisch Janelle Kovacs
Carsen Bateman Amelia Kramer
Godiva Biayi Kristin Langrill
Heather Carpenter Margaret Lawrence
Norma Davis Micaiah McClymont
Emily Dennis Katelyn Murawski
Danielle Gilbert Mackenzie Murdock
Lindsay Gosnell Jaydin Nies
Alex Graham Barrie Lynn Painter
Casey Hetrick Hailey Poe
Lauren Hogan Elizabeth Rosier
Melissa Kellehe Sarah Snyder
Marisa Kennel Margo Todd
“I am so grateful for the ongoing support I have received from UPMC Pinnacle over the years. The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation has allowed me to peacefully and confidently continue my journey to advance my education and career, and for that, I am grateful and proud to be a part of this family."”

— Barrie Lynn Painter, Professional Care Manager with UPMC Pinnacle and Scholarship Recipient

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