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Former CBS 21 anchor honors the physicians and caregivers that saved his life

November 10, 2021

June 17, 2020, a date former CBS 21 News Anchor Robb Hanrahan and his family will never forget. He had been on air that day and had been out of breath and in some measure of pain. He awoke that evening from a vivid dream, a dream he had severely blocked arteries leading to his heart, a dream that turned out to be a prediction of the future. The pain led him to an ambulance, then to the UPMC Harrisburg ER where he suffered a massive heart attack that stopped his heart more than once.

His primary physicians were Dr. Andrea Tydir, MD, Emergency Medicine at UPMC Harrisburg, and Dr. Keith Rice, MD, Interventional Cardiologist at UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute, along with many dedicated members of UPMC Nursing staff. Dr. Tydir resuscitated Robb, while Dr. Rice and his team performed surgery that very evening and the next day, implanting a total of 5 cardiac stents.

“That night, you know, there's bad days and good days, but I can't take credit for it myself,” Dr. Tydir said. I had four amazing nurses that worked with me. I think, you know, the reason that you're still with us today is that you were in the emergency department. And if you had been at home and you didn't trust your gut and call 911, that you wouldn't be here with us today.”

Robb’s miraculous recovery from his near-death experience changed his life tremendously. In February 2021, after 38 years, he retired from CBS 21 to focus on his health and family. “When God hands you a life-changing event, it’s time to change your life,” Robb said.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of his heart attack and the incredible staff who saved his life, Robb and his family will come together for a special presentation on June 24th at 3:30 p.m. at UPMC Harrisburg to thank those who played a role that fateful evening. This will be the first time Robb has reconnected with the team that saved his life since he was discharged.

Robb’s story reminds us all of the dedication, skill, and compassion of physicians and nursing staff who act swiftly to save lives each day. Robb will be joining the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation Board of Directors on July 1st to help raise philanthropic support to meet the needs of UPMC of Central Pa and its programs.

You too can join the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation by sharing your story during a Year of Gratitude, a campaign to collect messages of appreciation in honor of the exceptional care UPMC of Central Pa staff delivers each day. Share your story by visiting, or email