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UPMC Pinnacle Foundation aims to build a Community Closet at UPMC Lititz through the Extraordinary Give

November 23, 2021

The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation will be participating in the Lancaster County Community Foundation Extraordinary Give this year for the first time with a very specific goal: to build a small, but mighty Community Closet for those in need at UPMC Lititz.

Nursing staff at UPMC Lititz noticed a need for fresh clothing items when patients came in with ripped, dirty, or soiled clothing. Some nursing staff even went out of their way to purchase clothing items to distribute to those in need. "Sometimes we have patients at UPMC Lititz experiencing housing insecurity. There was a gentleman that came in, whose socks were molded to his feet, and this was actually a sanitary and health risk for him," said UPMC Pinnacle Foundation Director of Development, Andrea Britton. "The Community Closet is going to provide those simple items that go a long way. It's important at UPMC Lititz for patients to feel cared for — that their basic needs are met — and this Community Closet will do just that."

Rather than discharging a patient in a hospital gown, the new Community Closet will aim to maintain an inventory of simple, new clothing items in a variety of sizes to provide to patients as needed. The Community Closet will ensure patients leave UPMC Lititz with dignity and respect.

The Community Closet will be located just off of the Outpatient Lobby and aims to launch by the end of 2021. UPMC Lititz staff will work together to manage inventory and logistics. With a goal of $10,000 to cover costs of refurbishing the space and clothing supply items, we hope to be able to support this critical patient experience initiative in Lancaster County with help from donors to the Extraordinary Give.

To learn more, visit the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation Extraordinary Give giving page, and follow the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation on LinkedIn and Facebook.