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UPMC Pinnacle Foundation Partners with SusqueCycle

October 11, 2022

If you want to ride a bike in Harrisburg but don't own one, you're in luck.

Transportation officials and the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation on Monday announced the launch of the SusqueCycle Regional Bike Share Program.

All you have to do is download a smartphone app, rent a bicycle and pick it up off the rack. Then you can hit the road and enjoy a ride in the Harrisburg area.

This bike-share program replaces an old one that ended right before the pandemic.

Supports said it's a big win for people who live in or visit Harrisburg.

"It's healthy. Bicycles don't spew a lot of carbon monoxide, so they're not putting out a lot of bad air. Economically it makes sense because people are much more likely to stop and deal with a local business," said Richard Norford, with the Harrisburg Bicycle Club.

Bikes will be available for rent at six locations: the Broad Street Market, State Street, Strawberry Square, the Transportation Center, Market Square and City Island.