Shannon Mason Honors

Jacob Diehl at Community General /ER


This late evening, early morning ER experience was very colorful to say the least. I was in the ER with my mother whom had taken a fall and sustained some injuries. Being an employee in the system, and a nurse at that, I'm well aware of patient encounter and how it is to be conducted. The Community General ER staff in totality was absolutely stellar! From check-in to check-out my mother received such great care, and the fact that it was a full waiting room, with seamless transition, made our experience less stressful. Yet the icing on the cake was how Dr. Jacob Diehl cared for and interacted with my mother. His care was very thorough, even as she attempted to downplay her injuries, he gently conducted the full assessment that was warranted (again, I'm a nurse). I like not sharing that I am a nurse because I get to experience the real deal. And Dr. Jacob Diehl and all of the staff that was on duty 9/18/23 from 9:30PM-2:45AM... I applaud you! And I'm thankful for ALL that they do!

“I applaud you! And I'm thankful for ALL that they do!”

— Shannon Mason
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